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      The Story Cupboard Book Fair Company

      Utah's Independant Book Fair Company

      At the heart of The Story Cupboard is a love of books and learning. We are committed to getting quality literature into the hands of kids and families, contributing to a world lifetime readers.

      Let us help make your next event a success!

      +1 801 694-2477

      About Us

      Turning a love of books and learning into a livelihood

      The Story Cupboard is an independently owned and operated Utah original. Established in 1994, we’ve been successfully serving schools and businesses in and around the Salt Lake Valley for over 25 years. We take pride in our hand-on approach to the traditional book fair, and work hard to make each and every event we put on a success.

      “I never leave a Story Cupboard fair without a book.”

      – NYT Best-selling duo Mark and Cara Buehner

      What can you expect from a Story Cupboard book fair?

      We do things differently, and we're proud of that.

      Fundraising that excites

      Successful fundraising is now within your grasp. With The Story Cupboard, you can tap in to the nostalgia of the book fair while enjoying an updated, more personable approach.

      Stories that inspire

      We are committed to igniting a love of learning within school children by introducing them to a diverse array of carefully curated, well-written titles.

      Books that will last

      We pride ourselves in providing quality stories that are housed in quality books that will stand up to repeated readings.

      People you can trust

      Our hands-on book fair coordinators guide set-up and take down of the book fair, and cheerfully assist parents and children for much of the time the book fair is open.

      But you don't have to take our word for it!

      “As co-chair of our school's book fair I cannot recommend Story Cupboard highly enough. The selection of books is incredible, high quality, and constantly changing to reflect student and parent wants. The staff is terrific and provides someone to help each day of the fair and to restock the popular titles each day. Sarah actually reads the books and always knows how to help a student find a good book based on their interests. All of our parents love this fair and look forward to it.”
      Tina P.
      Park City Day School Book Fair Co-Chair
      Thank you Sarah for all you did for the William Penn's Fall Book Fair. I am getting a lot of great feedback from our school community. Let Anne know she was super awesome and we were all very impressed... Not only did she know about nearly every book, she did a great job putting up with me!
      John B.
      William Penn Education Commissioner?

      Book your next fundraiser through the Story Cupboard

      Our schedule fills up fast, so get in touch today!

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